About-A&B Rian Bailey-Weir February 6, 2020

Who is A&B Marketing?

In the vast world of digital marketing, A&B Marketing stands out. Exploring the industry for over a decade, we’ve championed the power of genuine connections. We’ve navigated the intricate maze of social media, digital advertising, and content marketing strategies. Along the way, we’ve encountered marketing organisations that could have done better – they drove us to innovate and to be better.

Generative artificial intelligence (AI Content) is on the rise in today’s rapidly changing marketing landscape. But here’s the thing: while algorithms and data have their place when informing decisions and strategy, it’s the human touch that counts. Our goal is to help you to create a genuine connection with your audience – creating long-lasting advocacy.  

But, why work with A&B Marketing?

We’re not just another marketing agency (yep, we said it). We’re your strategic content marketing partners, your creative collaborators in graphic design, written content, and videography, and an essential extension of your team. 

Our ethos? Deep understanding and empathy of an organisation, its people, and its audience. We don’t churn out generic, lazy social media content or other forms of content marketing. We craft narratives that echo your brand’s unique voice; stories that genuinely connect. And with our expertise in videography and video marketing, your brand’s story is told in the most compelling way.

We want to untangle content marketing!

What is content marketing? It’s more than just buzzwords and trends. It’s a strategic approach; focusing on creating and sharing valuable, consistent content. The goal? Captivate and nurture a targeted audience. In this digital age, an online presence is paramount, and content marketing ensures your brand remains relevant and engaging in a valuable way to your audience.

Collaboration is key

Working with A&B is a collaborative adventure. We immerse ourselves in your brand’s world, understanding and developing its marketing strategy and vision. With this insight, we bring your vision to life, crafting content for marketing that speaks to and connects with your audience. Our clients often say it best: working with us feels seamless and like we’re a natural extension of their team.

The faces behind the screen.

Rian Bailey-Weir
Managing Director
Abbey Davies - A&B Marketing
Abbey Davies
Creative Content Coordinator
Kat Jackson Brand & Strategy Consultant
Kat Jackson
Brand & Strategy Consultant
Eric Bailey-Weir
Head of Barketing (Networking & Meetings)